UFT 15.0 ParallelRunner Issues

Hi Team,

We have a requirement to run same script on multiple browsers as part of parallel execution using UFT 15.0
When we tried using ParallelRunner we are facing the below challenges.

Example: I have developed a sample script to login into Gmail account, when i am trying to execute parallel runner on two browsers Chrome and IE. Observed the script is launching the Chrome browser and perform the login process successfully, but an IE browser directly launching the Gmail Inbox page, with out login page.
My expectation is i want see the same script execution on both browsers at time.

1. ParallelRunner -t "C:\\GmailScript" -b "Chrome;IE"

Please guide me is there any way to see the login pages in both browsers at time while parallel execution.




  • Hi PoliReddy,

    The issue seems like cookie problem.

    I try below scenario:

    1. I record gmail login steps in chrome.

    2. Replay script in chrome by UFT.

    3. The page directly go into inbox page without login page.

    4. After I clean cookies, the issue is fixed.

    And therefore, could you please try to clean cookies both in Chrome and IE and run test again?