<(UFT) Support Tip> How to test Flex applications using HP Flex Add-in Runtime Loader?

The UFT Flex Runtime Loader enables test Flex applications (.swf files) directly without having to prepare the application manually for test.

 The available support will depend on the version of Adobe Flex used to develop an application:

For more information, see Document ID KM198488 - What is the available support for Adobe Flex applications?


Important: This feedback is only for HP Flex Add-in, not the Adobe Flex add-in.

1.  Confirm HP Flex Add-in requirements are met. For more information, see "requirements" on Document ID KM00339739 - How to Prepare Flex Applications for Testing with HP Flex add-in?

2. Confirm Runtime Loader requirements are met:

 - Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.50 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or higher is being used

 - If using UFT 12.02 or higher, UFT Flex Runtime Loader file to use, is specific to version of Flex SDK:

swf - for testing Flex applications developed using the Flex SDK 4.9.1 or earlier

swf - for testing Flex applications developed using the Flex SDK 4.12.x

 - A copy of UFT Flex Runtime Loader (<UFT installation folder>\dat\Flash\Flex\Runtime Loader\UFTFlexAUTLoader.swf) is located in the same application and security domain as the Flex application being tested.

If the application being tested resides on a Web server, the copy of Runtime Loader must also be located on the same Web server.

If the application is on the file system, use the Runtime Loader stored in the file system.

 - Version of Runtime Loader used must be of same version as UFT. If UFT is upgraded (i.e from 11.5x to 12.x, 12.00 to 12.02, etc), then Runtime Loader must be recopied from new version of UFT.

 3.  Use one of following methods:

 a. Use the Runtime Loader to open the Flex application if testing a Flex Web application (.swf file). For more information, see Document ID KM01178024 - How to Open Flex Applications Using the Runtime Loader?

 b. Embed Flex application (.SWF) in a Web page with Runtime Loader if testing a Flex Web application (.swf file) that is not already embedded in an HTML file. For more information, see Document ID KM01178025 - How to Embed a Flex Application in a Web Page with the Runtime Loader?