Unable To Launch UFT 12.00

On few machines i'm unable to launch UFT 12.00. After clicking on the desktop icon the UFT initilization screen comes up and passes the window to select the addins. After selecting the addins there is no response and the UFT IDE does now launch at all.


Please let me know if anyone has encountered this. Again, as I mentioned this is specific to few machines.

OS Win 7 64 Bit.



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  • Hope you are fine!

    Below appear the Link and steps to download and install UFT 12.02:

    -Download the UFT Image from the Web Site http://support.openview.hp.com/software_updates.jsp select “My Updates”.

    -Select the SAID that contains UFT and check the “Yes, I accept these terms and conditions” box.

    -Hit on “View available products”.

    -Expand the Functional Testing Center node -> Check the “HP Unified Functional Testing 12.02 CC English SW E-Media” option and hit on “Get software updates” (this option is the English version of the software).

    -Click the “Get Software Updates” button.

    -Click ling “Get Software Updates” link.

    -Verify the product name and select “Software, HP UFT 12.02 MLU (T6510-15086.zip)”

    -Click Download.


    Please upgarade to this version and let me know the results.

    Best Regards,

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