Drag and Drop testing in Windows 7 - Impossible with UFT?

I am using UFT 11.53, testing a custom .NET application in a Windows 7 x64 environment but have run into what seems to be a serious problem - there seems to be no way to test a simple Drag and Drop of a file from Windows File Explorer onto my application.


I have discovered that, running as a regular (limited) user, UFT cannot recognize the objects in the WinList object component of Windows Explorer.  So it is impossible to, for instance, do a .Select operation on a particular test file shown in the Explorer window.


If I run as a privileged (Administrator) user, UFT can now see the hierarchy within Windows Explorer down to the WinList object and therefore can select particular files.  So far so good, I thought.


But, running as Administrator, my Software Under Test (SUT) is also started (by UFT) with privileges.  However, Windows 7 does not allow Drag and Drop from a limited process onto a privileged process such as my SUT.


Unfortunately, it seems that Windows 7 also actively prevents starting Explorer.exe with privileges.  It always runs as limited, even when started by a privileged user or process.  So, the Explorer (opened also by UFT during the test) cannot be a source for Drag and Drop onto the SUT.  Windows 7 prevents it (cursor turns into a black slash-circle over the drop target).


Attempting to run UFT with privileges (to allow file selection) while starting the SUT as limited has so far been problematic; while I can get Drag and Drop to work (with analog recording only, I might add),  it causes other problems with UFT and other parts of my test break.  The UFT Help suggests as much, saying that UFT and all the test objects should be started by the same user.


Has anyone successfully tested Drag and Drop from Windows File Explorer in a Windows 7 environment?  How?


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