Click does not work

Hi all,

I have to navigate through the code by:

does not work. although:

1)the outerhtml method shows the correct SPAN tag:
<SPAN class="x-tree3-node-text" unselectable="on">Untersuchung (1)</SPAN>

2) If I do Descriptive Programming or Capture Replay on the SPAN tag the Click method WORKS.(Even that attribute says:unselectable="on")

But why it does not execute the Click method in the topest statement.

Any help R E A L L Y appreciated.


  • Have you verified the HTML is not Dynamic, if you record the click does it always playback?

    Mark Smith.
  • Hi,

    use also ...CLICK 5,5, "LEFT"

    However, do you get an error message?

    Can you attach a screen shot where we can see the hierarchie of your Webelement ?




  • If I do:

    I get: <SPAN class="x-tree3-node-text" unselectable="0n">Untersuchung (1) <Span>  


    This SPAN is the correct one, because:

    obj_Desc("html tag").value= "SPAN"
    obj_Desc("innertext").value="Untersuchung /(1/)"
    obj_Desc("class").value= "x-tree3-node-text"





    How can I get the correct OUTERHTML method, but theCLICK method is not workng. Is there any other QTP reason for or is my thinking corrupt....


    BUT if OUTERHTML finds the correct HTML Tag does this mean in any case that the correct OBJECT has been found?


    Best regards

  • Wolf I'm assuming there is a reason why you can't simplify the click to:


    What is the reason for using the more complicated method?

    Mark Smith.
  • I have to use this complicated code, because it is a tree and it could happen that there is somewhere in the tree already a tree leave open which has a node or element with the same name.

    In order to use the simplified code I would need to add an index of the tag I want to open.


    The best thing is: If I go from this SPAN tag, where the Click does not work, and navigate even further to an arrow image : I can click on that arrow!


    Browser("megaMANAGER").Page("megaMANAGER").WebElement(obj_Desc).Object.parentNode.nextSibling.childNodes.item(0).firstChild.childNodes.item(4).parentNode.childNodes.item(1).Click  works on that arrow image.


    AS I know SPAN tags are anyway different, could it be that QTP cannot raise the Click event on a SPAN tag when Object Navigation is used?