WinObject("AfxFrameOrView42s") - insurance form



I'm trying to record an insurance form page wherein customer will Sign by clicking "Accept" or "Decline" button. However, when I click on "Accept" or "Decline" button, QTP 10.0 records only till;

VbWindow("Navigator").ActiveX("FISERV FIPSCO Report Viewer").WinObject("AfxFrameOrView42s"), It does not record object operation like .Click


It is a desktop application built in VB and the form which is genrated at the end of the application process looks like PDF but not exaclty as it is well integrated with VBwindow apps.


Need help in resolving this.




  • Maybe you can try low-level recording to capture the Click:

    Start recording
    select Automation > Low Level Recording
    Record the Click
    Stop recording and see if Click on x,y coordiantes is recorded

    If I am forced to use low-level I always make sure the Browser is maximized.

    Mark Smith.