ALM UFT Excel Data Resource Data Table Import Sheet sheet not found


I am trying to use ALM Testing Resource Excel in UFT, but it is erroring out.

When I run this from UFT it works fine; but from ALM it give me error 

The DataTable.ImportSheet operation failed. The specified sheet does not exist.

Here is the code:

Dim FileName : FileName = "[ALM\Resources] Resources\RaviResource101\Res103"
'Dim FileName : FileName = "[QualityCenter\Resources] Resources\RaviResource101\Res103"
' using either ALM or QualityCenter works from UFT, both fail from ALM 
Dim SheetSource : SheetSource = "Sheet1"
Dim SheetDest : SheetDest = "Global"
print("Start Reading Data Table")
DataTable.ImportSheet FileName, SheetSource, SheetDest
print("End Done Reading Data Table")