<(UFT) Support Tip> UFT recognizing some objects differently after migrating to UFT 12.52 or later

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Running existing tests on UFT 12.52 and above, may fail on certain steps due to the fact that UFT identifies some web objects in a different way. I’ve seen some users reporting this behavior lately.
For example, an Image test object may now be recognized as a WebButton test object if such Image has the role attribute as button (role=button). See example on JSFiddle. If we spy over the image, UFT will map this object to a WebButton even though the element uses a HTML img tag.

The reason why this happens is that, starting on UFT 12.52, it includes the ability to recognize web objects based on their HTML role attribute, using the Web Accessibility toolkit.
This helps UFT to better identify objects which use the HTML role attribute. This capability is enabled by default.

Even though we have Maintenance Run mode to help ease the task of updating the test objects in the object repository, it may be kind of cumbersome if we have multiple tests affected and few or no time to go over that.
A fast way to overcome this situation would be to instruct UFT to disable Web Accessibility support. For this, refer to the below knowledge document:
How to disable Web Accessibility Support?

The below spy result comparison was done using UFT 12.54 on the same object, before and after disabling Web Accessibility toolkit:


Note: when changing the setting within the script, it is necessary to reload the page so UFT properly identifies the object with the new configuration.

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