Beginner : checkpoints won't work

Hi everybody,

First of all sorry if this post is a duplicate of something else, but the search engine here is just awful since you cannot navigate solely in the current section, it always search in the hole forum...

Now regarding my problem : here is a written example of checkpoint script that doesn't  work :

Status = (Browser("PageExample").Page("PageExample").GetROProperty("URL").Check CheckPoint("The URL I want to be on"))
If Status Then
    print"checkpoint passed"
    print"checkpoint failed : wrong URL. Current URL is :"
    print Browser("PageExample").Page("PageExample").GetROProperty("URL")
End If


When I save this example, if tells me that I miss end of statement right before the keyword Checkpoint on the first line... Any idea why ?

 Finally, I'm having a hard time finding answers on the web : I've been trying to use HP UFT for 2 days now and I am kinda disappointed, for two reasons : 

  - most relevant topics on the web dates back to version 11.5, and many things changed in version 14 (i'm still searching for the active screen...)

  - most basic features are unexplained and don't work as depicted on the manual, therefore I have no idea what I am doing wrong or what should I do to solve my problem...

 so if you have any reliable sources for me to learn of, please tell me.


Thanks for your time