Setup grid nodes in linux without UI

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up grid node in a linux machine.

I want to set the grid ip and paraphrase to connect to grid machine. But unfortunately their is no ui so, i can’t open settings-leanft file from /opt/leanft/Tools folder.

Is their any command or file where we can set this up without opening UI?

Thanks in advance

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    There is no batch command, you can just open the config file with a text editor like gedit or vim in the Terminal. Also try using "sudo".

    The file should be found at this location: /opt/uftdeveloper/lwe/lightweight-engine/config/grid-node-config.json (or in the user specific location!!! e.g.:Home/.leanft/config <- this will be used if it exists )

    Here you should add the following properties with the corresponding values:

    "encryptedPassphrase": "aZD^79a....asZS",
    "lwe-address": "ws://server-add:5095"

    The passphrase should be encrypted here. You can use "Password Encoder" tool to generate the encrypted pass phrase.

    In Terminal:

    1. Change to the <UFT Developer installation>/Tools directory
    2. Run ./password-encoder <password-to-encode> [-me], where <password-to-encode> is the password you want to encode.

    Best regards.