Containerize UFT GUI (EBS and SAP) test cases

I want to run the Oracle EBS and SAP UI test cases in a UFT container, is it a feasible use case?  Any lead is appreciated.


  • If you are working with web based application then you can check UFT developer docker, I'm not sure why but it seems we support only mobile testing for UFT one docker.

    Will try to get more details and share with you in few days.

  • Thanks StickyFingaz.

    Yes, as per the instruction document provided by micro focus team on docker, I see they talk about only mobile and API testing capabilities inside a docker container. moreover, there are people who run their GUI test cases with Storm runner which in terms run the test cases in a VM.
    The UFT image available on docker is a headless one, I need to understand if it is possible to layer it on a windows image or add the utilities required for executing the GUI tests. If they have anything related to the GUI test in docker in their roadmap, it would resolve a lot of issues. Please help me with as much information you can collect on it. TIA!
  • OK, here's what I get, we understand that it is a windows docker limitation that no GUI is available.

    So we won't be able to support GUI applications as long as this limitation is there.

    I'm actually curious if your AUT can actually run in windows docker, does Oracle/SAP have officially supported that?

  • When you say "we won't be able to support GUI applications as long as this limitation is there", do you mean that- not even the web-based applications can be run?

    I think you are right SAP and Oracle doesn't support containerizing on a windows docker yet, so it is not a feasible use case.
  • Web is something I'm still trying to get more clarity on, will update later~

    But in the meantime, you may check UFT developer which already has support for web.

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