(UFT) Support Tip: Autopass license server lock code changes when the service is restarted

Autopass license server introduced lock code based license in version 9.2, if you are upgrading from a version that's prior to 9.2 directly to 9.3, you will experience an issue where the lock code of the server changes whenever the service is restarted. This makes previously installed lock code based licenses invalid.

To resolve:

1. Stop the AutoPass License Server service.
   In windows, Go to run >services.msc, find “HPE AutoPass License Server” service and stop the service.
   In Linux, run the command - “service hpLicenseServer stop”
2. Edit the dbconfig.xml file in the APLS data folder and add the below entry in case if it is not presented for
<mapping class="com.hp.autopassj.ls.database.model.ApplicationInfo" />.
The default location of the data folder is
In Windows, “C:\ProgramData\HP\HP AutoPass License Server\AutoPass\LicenseServer\data\conf”In
Linux, “/var/opt/HP/HP AutoPass License Server/AutoPass/LicenseServer/data/conf”

3. Start the AutoPass License Server service,
   In windows, Go to run >services.msc, find “HPE AutoPass License Server” service and start the service.
   In Linux, use command in the command prompt , “service hpLicenseServer start”.

This should resolve the issue. :)