UFT 14.0 spy doesn't recognize objects in latest version of Chrome

Good afternoon,

In our company we are using HP-UFT version 14.0 for software test automation so far the tool works out wonderful with web services . However, a month ago we have developed a standalone application using the following architecture:
• Electron is used as overall application framework.
o Internally, Electron uses node.js and parts of the Chromium project, Google's HTML5 rendering engine.
o Node.js and Chromium both use Google's V8 JavaScript engine (the same version is shared). Two V8 runtimes are instantiated: one for the node.js main process and another one for the Chromium code.
• OnsenUI as UI framework for UI components, layouting etc.
o VUE as databinding/MVVM framework for the OnsenUI components

Currently, we have the problem that all elements within the application are not recognized by UFT; only the main window is recognized as a “Chrome Legacy Window”!

While doing some tests to find out if the problem comes from our application or UFT itself, I did install the Google Chrome browser  (version 59) in Windows 10 and try to identify objects within the browser. Unfortunately, I got the same effect as with our application: no elements were recognized inside the browser. I then tried to install manually the UFT agent in Chrome but no difference.

According to different blogs in the web, the latest supported Chrome version by UFT 14.0 is Chrome version 55; however, I am not able to download such version because Google does not allow it!

- Is there any UFT patch available for supporting the most recent versions of Chrome?
- Any further idea of how to troubleshoot the object identification problem in our application?

In advance, I thank you for any hint and/or help!