SAP Web Portal - page identification issue - Page vs SAPPortal

Automating SAP Webportal. The page is captured with class value as SAPPortal and is identified in 

UFT as-  Browser("").Page("").

But for some users the same page is recorded as-  Browser("").SAPPortal("").

As read in different portal , I have checked the IE Add ons- 1)Microfocus UFT Agent 2)IEToEdge BHO 

Both are enabled for both the systems . 

Can anyone suggest any other settings to check or enable for both systems to capture the screen as  Browser("").Page("")

  • If you also choose both Web and SAP addin when creating a new test, it should be recorded as SAPProtal, if only Web, it will be recorded as Web.

    If there's still inconsistency even you select the same addin, please open a support case.

  • The issue actually is while running of the test case . The script has code as Browser().Page(). It executes fine for my system ,but for another system it is not able to identify the code. I tried to capture element in that system ,and found that it captures as Browser().SAPPortal().
    Wanted to know if there are any settings to be done to make it consistent  so that the othere system also recognizes the code as Browser ().Page()

  • Hi,

    Can you specify the exact error message? Which element cannot be found?

    Actually the SAPPortal and Page are all point to the page object under the browser, you may look the SAPPortal as a special version of Page, with more SAP related method.

    I guess some object in that page cannot be identified, so you may try to find what's the difference betwen that specific element spied on the target machine and your own machine.




  • The error is very generic like Object not found .

    All the objects identified for my system are not working for the other and the reason is that for me it is captured as Browser().SAPPortal().. 

    Earlier too i faced this type of issue but I was able to solve it by enabling the MicroFocus UFT AGent addon for the other system . Since it was disable in the other system ,so the objects pf that page were getting captured as Browser().Page() instead of Browser().SAPPortal().. .

    But in this system ,i have enabled that ,still I am facing the issue