ASP.NET session not found


I recently had to reinstall UFT, and after reinstallation I started having issues regarding ASP.NET session (this is my conclusion but I'm probably wrong).

The program is made to click a link in a web application via "link.Click" command.
When clicking, a request is made to a server.

The issue I'm facing is that, at the moment it clicks, the application gets an error, and the message it sends is "ASPNET session expired or was not found". And it certainly isn't a timeout issue, because the error is instantaneous.

Two technical aspects I can give of the application UFT is working upon:

  • Application Type: Web Client
  • Developed on MS Reporting Services and C# platform

Has anyone a clue about what could be the issue?

I know UFT requires installation of:
NET 3.5 Framework
WSE 2.0 sp3
WSE 3.0

The only deviation from these specs is that I have installed .NET framework 4.5 instead of 3.5. Could this be the problem?

Hope someone is able to help.