Some Users unable to connect to UFT License Server

we have an issue with some users unable to connect to the UFT License server. 

We’re using UFT 12.51 and the new Autopass license . 

On Windows 7 machines, no reported connection issues.

On Windows 10, users are getting – License Server is not available. 

According to our network people, these machines are not even attempting to connect.  No network traffic generated.


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  • I have 5 systems with UFT 12.51 installed, and the LIcense Server is also 12.50.

    Out of these 2 systems, fail to connect to the LIcense Server and error "License Server is not availble" appears.

    I dont know what could be the issue. Pls kindly can someone help here.

    I have the 8.3 version of Autopass server installed on the License Server.

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