Want to set up a UFT Server Lab, How do we do that using UFT 12.51?

We want to set up a UFT lab using Windows 2012 R2 servers, need instructions. running a UFT script on a desktops, stops the user from working until the script is complete. We want to set up a lab with 20 servers to run the UFT scripts on through ALM. How do we do that?

What permissions are required on the servers?

How will this work with the new license AutoPass tool?

We're using LDAP for ALM, can we use that for UFT?

Is the install process different for servers?

  • I am not exactly clear with your requirements, but here are some pointers -

    1. Licenses - If you need to run UFT scripts on 20 machines in parallel, you will need to request as many UFT licenses - select quantity as 20 when requesting concurrent license.

    2.  Persmission - To trigger UFT scripts through ALM on any machine, you would need admin permissions on target machine to do so.

    3. To setup a server lab - first setup autopass license server. Once the autopass is setup, you can point your UFT licenses to the autopass server address.

    4. The install process is same for all machines.

    5. Yes ALM can be used to trigger UFT scripts if you have LDAP configured

    To give you a general idea on how this whole stuff works -

    First you procure concurrent licenses for UFT.

    Second, setup your autopass license server on one your servers.

    Third, install UFT on your individual machines/servers and point your licenses to autopass server

    Fourth, make sure you have admin privileges on individual machines which have UFT is installed

    Fifth,  Tigger UFT scripts from ALM by selecting the IP or hostname of the machines you want to execute on.


    Hope this helps.




  • thanks for the information.

    Are full admin rights required, or can they be limited to UFT specific folders?  Mgmt wants to use servers but they only give Full admin rights to the Server Admin team. 

    Also, we have Performance Center, I was going to register these servers and UFT Hosts.  would that conflict with anything you've described in the informantion provided?

    really appreciate the information