Can't download Trial of UFT 14

Some month or years ago I downloaded a trial for UFT 12/12.5.

Now, since UFT 14 is available I'm not allowed to download it "again" because my 60 days UFT(12(.5)) trial is exceeded.

"Your trial for this product has ended. Please login to MyAccount to file a Support ticket."


I opened a  ticket to refresh my trial status, but this doesn't seems to be possible. They sent me a link to this forum, but I'm sure if someone here can help me to get it downloaded using the official way.

"Unfortunately we are no longer offering extensions for UFT. If you are unable to use the product following the download, please note that support for UFT trials is provided via the following forum: /adtd/sws-fun_test/uft/f/sws-fun_test_sf You will find that his forum is monitored by HPE experts looking to assist you in your UFT Trial experience.I can use the product (new PC, no previous installations, ...) but I can't download it."


Does anyone else has this problem?


Best Regards