< (UFT) support tip> "Failed to read versionInfo.xml from server, QC server might be unavailable"

Dear Customer,


This post is simply to inform you that a fix exists for the follwing issue.


Problem Description:


UFT/Sprinter 12.x connects to ALM11 and ALM11.52 and an critical error appear in Event Viewer log "Failed to read versionInfo.xml from server, QC server might be unavailable."




This stop happens on ALM12.0 and higher.


The thing is that UFT/Sprinter looks the versionInfo.xml file in ALM server when they are connecting, but it can’t be found as this file start existing in ALM12.0 and higher


Basically it is UFT/Sprinter and ALM design, when UFT/Sprinter connects to ALM it checks if the VersionInfo.xml and validate some information but on this case as ALM11 and ALM11.52 does not use the VersionInfo.xml file then an exception is thrown in the Event Viewer.


  1. Go to ALM11.x server machine and create the version Info.xml file at C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\webapps\qcbin
  2. Open the versionInfo.xml as notepad and add the following information according to start_a.js file information, it is located in the same path
  3. Open start_a.js file as notepad and located “codebase” you can use CRTL F
    1. Copy CLSID, codebase and version values, like the following screenshot.
    2. Please note that version should use period, not commas like screenshot, it should be like "11.52.341.0", not "11,52,341,0"

  1. Your versionInfo.xml file should be like following screenshot, of course with your ALM parameters.


  1. The typelib should be empty like screenshot.
  2. Open UFT/Sprinter and check the Event Viewer, you don't need to restart ALM after the changes.


Please note that you should replace the only

  • Version
  • name

Hope this helps

HP support