UFT 12 - PowerBuilder Add-In - DropDownDW


after updating to UFT 12 (12.01 Build 1112) we have got an issue with the PowerBuilder Add-In.

We have different DropDown Lists in a DataWindow in our PowerBuilder application .

Some are of type: "DropDownListBox". The interaction with these DD-Lists is OK.

Others are of type: "DropDownDW". An interaction with this type of DD-List is not longer possible after the update.

.PbDataWindow("dw_kombi").GetCellData "#1","gdat" and
.PbDataWindow("dw_kombi").SetCellData "#1","gdat"
returns a Runtime Error.

only returns special characters instead of the real text from the DD-List.

We tried it with an application built with PowerBuilder 11.5.1 Build 4788 and also built with PowerBuilder 12.5.2 Build 5006.

With UFT 11.51 it worked fine - with UFT 12 it doesn't anymore.

Is this already known? What can we do?



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