GetROProperty from a dynamic value


My issue is the following
I have an WebElement which have next innertext for e.g.:

What I would like is to retrive the text output of a location that changes dynamically for each run and compare it with a variable that I have predetermined.

My code :
Browser("Transportation Smartbench").Page("Transportation Smartbench").WebElement("unchecked").GetROProperty("innertext")

I'm adding the object to the local repository, however, the value is a constant. When I access the web page, the value changes dynamicaly and I want to be able to retrieve and compare it with a proper variable.



The script works as long as the innertext value is 317966356-1. But because the value changes each run,  when it's different, the script is unable to recognize the innertext. 

How can I retrieved the text output based on its location ?


Thank you for your help