How to get all data in iteration during run time in Data Table in UFT 15.0?

I am only new in using UFT and in scripting.

I am testing a  web application that will allow different logins ex. Manager, Director, TL, CSR, etc. and once they are on the system they can search other employee id/name. And then the application will prompt an alert message if they are allowed or not to  view the employee ID that they have search.

I want to capture the alert message so I put it on Local Sheet where the different employee IDs (8 set of IDs) resides. What happens after I run my code is that it only store the last 8 alert message. I want all alert message to be saved on the results. For example, if have 5 logins  and search 8 employee, It will have a total of 40 different alert messages.

I have put the logins information on Data Table Global Sheet which is on different ACTION(LOGIN ACTION) and then I have placed the employee IDs that can be search on the Local Sheet on different ACTION (EMPLOYEE ACTION).

Here's my code on EMPLOYEE ACTION:

Browser("Browser").Page("Page").Frame("redirect_main").WebEdit("portletInstance_2{actionForm.employ").Set DataTable("SearchID", dtLocalSheet)

Browser("Browser").Page("Page").Frame("redirect_main").WebButton("Search for Employee").Click


DataTable.Value("AlertMessage", dtLocalSheet)=Alert