Execution time is different evey time I run the automation script.

Automation script I run against the application that is designed on Oracle Form is not uniform execution tine, it differ on every new run. It varies between 10 to 18 mins.

Please let me know how to optimise the code so that execution time is same every time I run. Automation script that I have developed descriptive programming not used the object repository.

  • The variation in time is could be caused by application delay or it could be UFT taking time to reconize objects in the application.

    I assume you are using timer function to calculate the script execution time. 

    If the delay is due to application, you will need to identify which part of application takes more time.

    To do that, split your code into functions and capture execution times for each function. Then compare the times for multiple runs and you will know where the delay is coming from.

    If the delay is due to UFT script, you can tune it in multiple ways -

    1. An object, say 'link' that has hierarchy of Browser().Page().WebTable().Link can also be identified directly using Browser().Page().Link or Browser().Link

    2. Avoid Active Screen, Recovery scenarios, Images and Movie capture

    3. Set UFT Run mode to Fast

    4. Use dynamic wait like .exist