QTP 11 is working slow on WIN 7 Virtual machines.


I am using citrix to login to remote desktop which is WIN 7 and from there i login to WIN 7 VM to execute my scripts using QTP 11 with Internet Explorer 8.But i am facing the performance issues as execution is taking too much time to complete.Please suggest some solutions.Thanks in advance.

  • If citrix is your client network and you access it from outside the client network. The speed depends on your actual network speed.

    Is your application web-based or standalone? if web-based the slowness is because of the low speed between your network and clients citrix network.

    You would have to work with you network team to resolve this issue. I have faced similar issue and our network team helped us to resolve the issue.

    I assume you have already tried all the availabled options with UFT/QTP to run the scripts faster.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried the possible solutions to make the scripts faster. Also, please tell me more solutions to make the scripts execution faster.