UFT 12.50 Package for the web Install Failing

I am trying to install the UFT 12.50 Package for the web on a Windows 10 OS with 53 gb free on the hard drive. When i run the install package, I get a "not enough space on C" error message. I would think 53 gb would be enough for extraction.

I have tried installing it both as a regular user and as an administrator, with the same result

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  • Hello,


    Yes, UFT 12.52 is supported on Windows 10, but it is a standalone installation different then UFT 12.50. If you have problems of the installation of UFT 12.52 as well, please make sure that the installation package that you are using is not corrupted.

    My advice is to download it from SSO again on your hard drive and start the isntallation again with full administrator permissions for the Windows user.

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