Flight Auto Login Enabled

Start>Programs>Quick Test Professional>Sample Applications>Flight.

In the above flight test application, I accidently enabled the automatic login and now cannot figure out how to stop the automatic login so that I can use QTP to record the login process for the training.

Please help!

  • I figured it out!

    Right click and select Properties on 'Flight' after clicking on all the following: Start>Programs>Quick Test Professional>Sample Applications. This will show you which directory and file of the .exe file, which for me was flight4a.exe. I went to the directory and saw that there was a flight3a.exe and a flight4b.exe, along with the flight4a.exe. When I double clicked on flight3a.exe and flight4b.exe, they both took my to the login screen. So I changed the target file under Properties to flight4b.exe and it seems to work ok now.

    I have no idea how or why it started doing the automatic login, but it's fixed now and I hope that this explanation will help someone else.