License issue after uninstalling 12.02 and installing other version 12.52


I got an issue after installing UFT 12.52. Earlier we were using 12.02 in our environment with concurrent license. We recently migrated to UFT 12.52. with UFT 12.52 when trying to connect to license server unable to register with license server. But UFT 12.02 possible to connect ot license server.

I checked in "HELP" of UFT. it is mentioned that AutoPass License server is required for UFT 12.52. So, i downloaded the Full Installation from the HP site.For this i have couple of Questions.

Q1. How to upgrade may old license server to Autopass Licenser server?

Q2. After upgrade to AutoPass License server, does it support UFT 12.02?

Appreciated i any one can give me the details of steps to perform to upgrade to Auto pass License server.



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