So a business component is basically just like an Action, only the repositories and the function libraries you need are already attached?

I am trying to setup a framework in UFT One and QC

Currently I was setup like this:

Created a function library that drives my tests and saved it into QC under Resources

Create an object repository and saved it into QC under Resources

I set the option when I create a new test, it automatically adds the function library, however for every action I create, i have to attached the object repository

I save my tests into QC and run them from the Test Lab.. all good

But now I have discovered Application Areas and Business Components and trying to get my head around their purpose.

Application Area I get, it contains function libraries and repositories (and other stuff in one place)

Then you add an Application Area to a Business Component but from there I am stumped

I thought you should be to attach a Business Component to a Test so that means every time I create a Test Action, I dont have to attach the object repo. But no it seems a Business Component is basically like an Action only with the libraries attached via the Application Area. 

Ok so in that Business Component I could basically write a test that calls my functions and uses my repo but a Business Component doesnt really behave like a test? As in I cant add it as a test to my Test Lab in QC and then run it. It saves it under components in QC and I cannot even find in QC where Components live to see this Business Component unless I dont have access to see that area?

So I am wondering what is the purpose of Business Components and what is a use case for them?

It seems for me they wont be useful and I can just go back to my current structure of creating tests that use the common function library and object repo and I dont really need Application Areas or Business Compionents?

I understand its recommended you donjt use a shared repository and you should use a different repo for each action but honestly thats not logical for a couple of reasons:

1) We will have 1000's of tests and so with 1000's of tests with many action imagine how many repos we are going to end up with!

2) If something changes in the UI on one of the top level elements or pages you would have to go and update 1000's of repos!

(So don't know why its recommended not to use a shared object repo and I wish each new action could auto attach the shared repo instead of having to manually add it. Also I noted when you record new tests it saves the object to the local repo not to the shared one attached)