HP UFT Web Objects Not Responding

All- thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I'm working with a web application sitting on top of SharePoint. I'm successfully setting up new test actions in UFT, creating object repositories, and associating them with my actions. I'm having problems past that point:

1) If I go to almost any object in the repository, then go to find the object in the top menu bar, it says the web page isn't open. It clearly is- it's the only other active application on my computer at the time.

2) When I record my test, the system only catches three steps: The initial 'create new' step, the very first text field entry, then 'save. All of the drop downs in the middle aren't recorded at all. So my test isn't functional.

I've played with all of the add-ins that seem to be related- at this point I've got .net, ActiveX, Java, VisualBasic, Web, WPF, and Silverlight all active. Have no idea if the app has all of those components or not, but it's what I've found on other forum posts that might help. So far- nothing.

Thoughts? And again thanks for any help you may able to provide.

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  • I haven't tried the Descriptive method yet- still learning the tool. I did set up some new test actions and manually added all of the objects. Same results, though. The recording only captures the very first text field and then the 'Save' action. When I go into the repository itself, select an object, then go to find the object in the application the tool can't locate anything, other than that first test field. And this time when I added the objects, I had every single add-in active just in case there was something hiding in there. Still nothing- very frustrating.

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