License Server not available for HP UFT 12.5. But working fine for earlier versions


Hello all,


Recently, we planned to migrate from HP UFT 12.02 to UFT 12.5. After successful  installation of UFT 12.5, we are able unable to access the license server. We get an error stating 'License server is not available'. But we were able to use License with UFT 12.02.


Following are the steps which were tried.

1. Remove the LSERVRC system environment variable.

2. Add LSHOST & LSFORCEHOST system variables with License server as the value.


The trial SEAT License is available for 30 days. Can we connect to concurrent license server only after the trial SEAT License expires?


Also, recently our company's License contract with HP got expired. Could that be the reason why we are unable to connect to the server?


Please help in resolving this issue.


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