QTP seeing ActiveX objects as WinObject

We are using QTP 11 with patch QTP_00709 on a VB application which has .NET and ActiveX controls.  Until recently everything has been fine, however for some reason QTP is no longer recognising any of the ActiveX objects, instead it is seeing them all as WinObjects.


The application has not changed, and there have been no updates applied to QTP, so I am at a loss as to how this has happened.


Also, QTP is being opened before we open the app.


This is effecting all PC's and all users.


When spying on the ActiveX objects, I can see that QTP is correctly seeing the 'nativeclass' and 'object class' as MSMaskWndClass, however the 'progid' which is the parameter QTP uses to identify these objects is missing.


I have attached screen dumps of the same object in the object repository (seen as ActiveX) and in the object spy (seen as WinObject).


Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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