Solution Explorer: How to change the order of tests in the solution


I'm trying to change the order of 2 tests in a solution and not having any success.

There are 2 tests:

  1. TheFirstTest
  2. SecondTest

No matter what order I add the tests, they stay in this order.  I'm simply trying to run SecondTest, followed by TheFirstTest.  It seems to be keeping the order in alphanumeric order, which seems like a heavy restriction.  Is there a way to do so?  I've experimented with a kludgey renaming test:

  1. 0010_SecondTest
  2. 0020_TheFirstTest

It does the trick, but seems to be too inflexible for such a powerful tool.

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  • Verified Answer

    Why do you want to change the order of tests in your solution at all?

    The arrangement of tests shown in the "Solution Explorer" is not linked to the order of which test cases to be run. To run a test case, simply click "Run" > "Run" (or F5) and select which test case in your solution you would like to run. Running multiple test cases directly from within UFT is not possible and must be handled from ALM, or a separate solution.

    On another note; Solutions as a concept are a pretty new in UFT and was introduced to enable the usage of an additional third layer in the hierarchy. See the UFT User Guide, page 174 for the whole explanation of solutions or the small snippet I extracted from the explanation below.

    A solution is a collection of testing documents and other resources, similar to a binder or notebook. You
    can use solutions to organize your testing documents to help you perform comprehensive application

    For example, suppose you want to test a Web application for a flight booking application. You can create
    a solution containing several tests or components that verify various aspects of your application, such
    as logging in, booking a reservation, verifying the connection between your application and database,
    and verifying the transfer of booking information from your application to an airline server.

  • You can use the Test Batch Runner to run the tests in the order you prefer.
    It is installed already on your machine.

  • Solution Explorer consists of Action,Object Repositories,Function.

    To change the order of actions then drag the first action and place it after second action

    while execution second action will be executed first and then first action will be executed.

  • Simply edit the solution file *.ltsln file moving sections 

    Project("  ... to .... EndProject

    to the desired order

  • I know this was comment was 2 years ago but I am struggling with the same thing. My solution file *ftsln is in the correct order. However; Solution explorer is not. Any suggestions?