movie capture stops recording when connection is closed

I am executing a QTP script and recording this execution as a movie in a remote machine. I am connected to this machine using remote desktop. But when I disconnect this remote connection, the movie stops recording. Is there any reason why the recording of the movie stops?
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    Are you opening the Remote connection within the script? If so, check your test settings. Look for the "Record and Run only on windows opened by QTP" option and see that it is not checked.
  • Can you please tell me where I can find this option?

    Actually I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to remote machine and then kick off a VBS file that will start QTP execution. Movie record stops when I close this remote desktop window.
  • Open your script in QTP. Under the Automation menu, select Record and Run Settings then select the Windows Applications tab. You will find two available options. The first is Run on any Windows based application. The second is Run only on: with three options.
    Select the proper option for your situation.

    Another question - How are you disconnecting the remote session? If you are using the Logoff option, this will close all applications running under that user name on the remote computer. This is why the recording is stopped.

    What are you wanting to continue recording after the remote connection is disconnected? Since you seem to be manually connecting to the remote computer, is QTP running on the local machine or the remote machine?

    Would it be possible to execute one QTP script on the local machine and a second one on the remote machine and then combine your movies when the recording is complete?