UFT-API-Testing using the Validate XMl function

Hello every one,


If someone can help me i need several light in usign a the 'Validate XML" function for a test API in UFT.

I'm more familiar with GUI testing and recently I had to focus on the test API so I am little bit new with Service Test.


The work flow of my test is quite simple :  

1. using a function of a web service 

2. check the syntaxe of the response with

3. check some data in the response


My problem is at the step 2 where Im using the function "Validate XML" with  XSD file to check the syntaxe of the response : whatever the parametization I do a always get a false status but if i see the response by myself I do not see any problems of syntaxe :all tags expected are well present in the reponse.


If anyone can help my how to do the well parametization for this function it would be nice.


Thanks a lot.




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