Syncfusion object identification and properties with UFT 12.02


We are using Lisenced verison UFT 12.02 . Our application is developed using .net framework and UI tables are developed using "SYNCFUSION".

Uft is recognising the tables as SWF objects, but we are unable to performe any action on the table like getting the row/column count or getting cell data, etc.

Could anyone please let us know if we require any addin and if yes, is it lisenced ?



  • Are they showing as SWFObjects?  There are a couple of ways to go here:

    1) You can use the Object (object) to access the internal properties/methods of the control - so "SwfObject("SyncFusionTable").Object....  Use .NET object spy (not regular spy) and you can mine the various properties on the class a lot easier.

    2) Consider leveraging UFT's .NET extensibility - in some cases, just linking the 3rd party class back to a native UFT base class (SwfTable, in this case) can sometimes be enough to allow the built-in properties to start firing/working (see the .NET ext help/SwfConfig.xml in the ...\dat folder).  If that doesn't work, you'll at the very least have the right class associations where you can fully extend it with a custom server/dll.