Quicktest Pro 9.2 - Active Screen not in sync with test

I have a .Net application I am testing with QuickTest Pro 9.2. I recorded the test and it runs. I made a change to the script in expert view and now the Active Screen image is out of sync with the test script. In other words, the line in the script shows a screen further down in the test.

I found some info in another forum that said to run the test in Update Run Mode. I switched it on and set the Update Active Screens and Images switch on. Ran the test and the Active screen images are still out of sync with the test.

How can I line up the active screen with the test after I have made changes to the test?

Thanks in advance,



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  • I have seen this many times, when editing in the expert view. It seems that blank lines have a negative effect. I try not to insert balnk lines if possible When this happens to me, I remove any blank lines, remove any comments and run the script in update mode. If that doesn't work I hate to say I ignore it. It doesn't seem to affect script execution.