Terminal Emulator Session Closes automatically when try to locate the element using Object SPY


I am using Attachmate InfoConnect TE & the UFT 14.01 version.

I have configured the TE Wizard with the settings:

* DLL Name : ihlapi32.dll

* HLLAPI Function Name : WinHLLAPI

(Before this, i have set the Session short name of 'A' to my session)

And I am able to see the screen details in the configuration wizard. But when I try to locate the Object using the 'Object Spy', the session which was opened in the InfoConnect is getting closed automatically. 

Even when I try to 'Validate' the TE, it shown me the message as: "Cannot retrieve session text" (because of the session is closed automatically)

Can anyone please help to resolve this issue.

Additional Information:

Using Windows 10 (64 bit OS)


Thanks in advance, Hemanth