FSO object that is global and can be accessed from local and external actions



Here's what I am struggling with.  I would like to create an fso object at the start of the test run.  Then either reference it directly, or pass it as a parameter, to the actions used by the test (both local and external actions).  I have tried many things, and researched quite a bit, but have been unable to do this successfully.  Any suggestions out there?




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    Hi Bret,


    One option to achieve this, is to create the FSO object in a function library and associate it to the test. The library would for example contain:


    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


    As the code in function libraries is loaded into memory at the beginning of the test run, you would be able to access the fso object created in the library from the test actions.


    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks Fransisca,


    Perfect.  Glad I found out about this forum.  Hope to get help and also be of help!  Automated testing for 10 years, but most of it was 6 years in the past using SQA/Rational robot, before getting screwed by having to swith over to rational functional tester.  UFT seems to be as good as is claimed, and hopefully I can add some help going forward.


    Thanks again!