UFT 12.52 - .net add-in - Not able to identify Infragistics Controls


I am working on the application developed on .net windows (using Infragistics Controls). I have installed UFT 12.52 and using .net add-in to identify the objects in AUT.

UFT is able to ideintify some of objects like SwfEdit, SwfEditor. However, SwfComboBox is getting idenfied as SwfObject.(Using Object Spy)

Could some one please let me know is there any patch available to identify Infragistics Controls.

Attached the Application Screenshot. Properties of Combobox.

However, if i execute the statement for the same combobox like below it gets executed.

Working Perfectly

obj_CASH_DisbursementDetails_UnderCR_UnderDCS.SwfComboBox("cmbCashLogType").Type strCashLogType

Not working

obj_CASH_DisbursementDetails_UnderCR_UnderDCS.SwfComboBox("cmbCashLogType").Select strCashLogType

But i am not able to identify as swfcombobox using object spy, however it works with the above code.

Kindly provide any solution for the same. My Email id is venkata.noone85@gmail.com. Kindly send an email if you want me to speak with you in person.