Will hit error when save UFT scripts into ALM

Hi all,


I get this error when I try to save my UFT script into ALM test plan

"GetResourceFolderByPath() returned null folder"

I cannot Save As neither.

I use UFT 11.52 on WIN7.

Thanks in advance, Johnny


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  • Hi,


    I am also facing same issue while trying to upload UFT scripts from local machine to ALM.


    UFT version - v 12.01, Build 1112

    ALM version - v 12.01


    Detailed steps - 

    1. Open UFT and connect to ALM

    2. Open an existing UFT script from local hard drive

    3. Select "Save As"

    4. Select an ALM path and click on Save

    Now i see the error - getresourcefolderbypath() returned null folder


    Note: The destination folder in ALM is already present


    I have attached a screenshot of the error message already present


    Thanks in Advance,