Object Repository Manager General Failure

Hello Everybody,

I have a trial of UFT v14.53.3529.0 installed in order to evaluate the automation of the GUI testing of a Windows application. I am running through the tutorial using the FlightGUI app (https://admhelp.microfocus.com/uft/en/14.50-14.53/UFT_Help/Content/Tutorial/UFTTutorial_CreateObjectRepositories.htm), and have got to the stage of adding objects to the object repository.

However when I try to save the repository I am getting the "Object Repository Manager - A general failure occurred when attempting to save the object repository file" error.

This is a brand new object repository, on a fresh installation of UFT, so previous suggestions of exporting to XML and re-importing are not relevant. I have checked permissions and myself (running UFT) and SYSTEM (the UFT helper process) both have full control over the target folder(s).

Anybody else had this issue ad overcome it? Any suggestions or pointers?