How to get UFT User Logs

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How can we get the UFT 12 user logs from the server.

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  • Hi Ashwin,

    Hope you are doing well.

    The Autopass logs at server level (at the server machine), are always enabled, at level "INFO" type of logging. The default location is:

    C:\ProgramData\HP\HP AutoPass License Server\AutoPass\LicenseServer\data\log


    • Steps below requires restarting the AutoPass service, causing temporal down time. Plan this task according to impact less end-users
    • Please consider this will generate large amount of information, so be sure to rollback changes once desired testing is finished

    To setup logs at DEBUG level of logging:

    1. Open the configuration file:
    C:\ProgramData\HP\HP AutoPass License Server\AutoPass\LicenseServer\data\conf\

    2. Modify logging feature, change respective line according to need:

    - To activate DEBUG logs, update first line from, from word "INFO" to "DEBUG":
    default =,APJ
    debug =,APJ

    - To setup logs max size per file (default: 10MB), update following line:

    - To setup logs max amount of log files (default: 10), update following line:

    3. Save the file

    4. (HP Recommends) Backup, move or delete files under log folder

    5. Restart (stop then start again) the service.

    6. Once log generation is over:

             1. Collect/Compress to ZIP file, the folder below:
        C:\ProgramData\HP\HP AutoPass License Server\AutoPass\LicenseServer\data\log

                 2. To disable or undo log modifications, repeat steps 1 to 3, set default values (indicated above), then restart AutoPass Service.

    Other useful information:

    • To setup logs max size per file (default: 10MB): log4j.appender.APJ.MaxFileSize=10MB
    • To setup logs max amount of log files (default: 10): log4j.appender.APJ.MaxBackupIndex=10