UFT 12 Supports Latest version of Chrome 35 - Bravo HP!

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I saw in many Blogs, articles and sites that UFT 12 supports only till chrome version 32 and also there was a drawback in UFT that it wont supports latest version of chrome. people used to say that UFT is one version behind or two version behind to support the latest version.


Now everything got changed. HP is upto-date to support the latest version of chrome.


I installed UFT 12 and also installed the latest version of chrome 35.


I did few test and i confirm that UFT 12 supports latest version of chrome 35.



         1.Recording not avaliable but we can Replay the scripts.

         2.Spying is wroking perfectly!

 This is Fantastic HP is upto-date !!!!


I Hope this information will be usefull for the UFT 12 beginners.


@ HP  - Please maintain the same stuff and be upto-date to support all browser's latest version.


Good Job Guys!!!!!


~ Mojjo








  • Hi Mojjo,


    Hope you are doing well!


    Thank you so much for your comments, i just want to clarify this because officially at this moment Chrome v35 is not supported, but this mean that it may work or may not work, we are working every day to improve our tool and provide the best tool possible.


    Below you will find the Official Document about the support versions between QTP/UFT and Google Chrome and will be updated just we verify the support of the new versions:





    Thank you so much for your preference.


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