Input parameters to solution and action

Using UFT11.53.


Consider following scenario:

1. Create a GUI solution with one action and one input parameter for the solution at the start as test argument.

2. Call this solution's action through another GUI solution.


How to pass input parameter ? Since the action doesnt directly need a parameter but the solution requires.


As no argument is passed, I get the following error

(Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020004 (DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND))



  • Hi,


    For passing the test parameters you have to open the test flow, go to properties there, and create parameters there for the test.


    Once you have the test paramaters created and you click on the Run button, you will be able to see the test parameters in the Input parameters tab within Run dialog box and you can provide the values there.


    But these values will not be passed to actions unless you define it.


    To pass these vales to the desired actions, open test flow and right click on the action and select "Action Properties". Create the Input parameter(s) for which you want to pass the values.


    Now right click on the aciont name again and select "Action call properties", go to parameter values tab and click on default values, there you can map the what action parameters will get values from which test parameters.


    Once mapped click on Run button and provide the values in the "Input paramaters" tab of run dialig box, and you should be able to access that value in the action parameter using





    sumeet singh kushwah