Upgrading from QC 9.2 to 12.01 and QTP 9/11 to UFT 12.01



I have just upgraded from QC 9.2 to 12.01 and QTP 9/11 to UFT 12.01.

We have upgraded the QC projects (double upgrade going first to QC 11) and run the QTP asset updater on the projects with QTP tests in. Is there anything else we need to do to get the tests working in UFT 12?


In some of the asset update batches we saw issues with conversion of attachments, usually because they were missing. How do we resolve this? If we can find the attachmnets what actions do we need to take?
The missing information is from the asset upgrade text log file or command window output. The HTML file that is produced for logging does not give much information for ailure reason, it just lists the attachments and says upgrade status failed.


Any help appreciated as some projects have about 4000 tests.



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