HP UFT 12 on Informix 4GL and Mainframe



I'm doing testing on HP UFT 12 on Informix 4GL Greenscreen and also mainframe platform.

But UFT doesn't seems to work like any other windows or web app whereby it can recognize most of the objects in the app.

I've done on web and windows app, no prob. But this is my first time on this environment. Not sure where to start etc.

Few questions:

1. Does Terminal Emulatro comes HP UFT 12? As i don't see any opstion under Tools -> Options

2. How do i record steps and selections in terminal emulator? Let's say IBM tn3270 emulator or Putty or Tera Term?

3. How do i start, in term on UFT configurations etc (appreciate if anyone can provide me the guide or lead me as a 'Quick-Start' from here)

4. Normally which terminal emulator is used to record Informix 4GL and Mainframe? Incur cost? Any recommended free emulator?