Run Step in API test flow cannot use the value from the data link

Hi there,

I have multiple steps in test flow.  I use Excel as data source and link them in properties.  When I run whole test flow, all the steps grabs data value from Excel.  However, when I run a specfic step using Run Step method, it does not grab the  value from the Excel sheet - it displays the old value it had.  I tried changing the value from Data tab and save it first before executing Run Step - no luck.
I am in dire need for this solution.  I have a case opened with HP but no luck on that alos.  We will start testing project soon - time is running out - very frustarted.  Please help.
Thanks in advance. 


  • Hi,

    What's the UFT version you're using?

    From my side, I have UFT 12.52. When using "Run Step" functionality, it doesn't grab the data from the Excel file (this is by design). It should display a dialog (see image below) that will allow you to set constant values for such specific step run.

    These constant values are saved, so next time you try "Run Step", you can reutilize the constant data.



  • Thanks for your response back.

    I am using 12.51.  I am expeirnecing what you have described.  But the problem remains when you want to run only one step (out of many) using Run Step with the data you have in Excel data sheet.  Is there alternate method or way to run a specific step using the Excel data?  Otherwise, we have to key-in all the values manually (in our case more than 200 values each timewe run that specific step).  This is definitely a drawback for when testing Web Service.  I would appreciate your response back.



  • Hi,

    For the scenario you're describing where you have 200 fields, it makes perfect sense to have these fields populated easier; but unfortunately, such functionality is not there yet. You mentioned that you have a support case already opened for this. I'd recommend you to ask the support engineer to log an Enhancement Request so this functionality is considered for future versions/releases.

    Now, what can you do in the meantime? I just came up with an idea that may ease this task a little. Please refer to the attached video: RunStepFillOutContantsAlternative.wrf

    Note: the video format is .wrf, but I change the extension to .jpg in order to be able to upload it. Make sure you set the extension back to .wrf. You'll need WebEx player to reproduce it.



  • Hi Alvaro,

    Thanks a lot for your time for making the video for us.  I have watched it and shared with other testers.  While this is technically doable, it does not seem to realistic approach for us - specially converting from Excel to XML when data gets changed every single time.  I wish HP look into this issue seriously and resolve it soon.  I am sure there are thousands of API testers who are already facing this issue.  Thank you again for your time and response back - I greatly appreciate it.



  • No problem. Just make sure you request the ER (enhancement request) through the support case you have already opened so you make your voice heard in this regard. This will for sure help other users as well.

    Enjoy your weekend!