Serena Software and UFT

I'm looking for information about testing Serena workflows using UFT.  We have not customized Serena much.  I don't understand why I haven't found more information via the Internet regarding a Serena/UFT configuration. 


Has anyone run across information about testing Serena workflows using UFT?



  • For months I've been asking this question.  I've never heard of a customer with our configuration. 


    Is anyone very familiar with Serena workflows?  Is there another product folks are more predominantly using to test them?


    I'm asking because we run into a lot of problems.  We've created the Serena workflows with no problem but we haven't gotten off the ground testing them with UFT.  I'm new and I've run into the same problems as my predecessors.  One day the scripts work, the next day they don't.  We use jQuery and many of the objects don't show up while application is under test.  One day the objects are found with no issues, the next day the objects are not found.   I can't figure out if this is unique to us and if there is something going on behind the hood with Serena's workflow software which is less than compatible with UFT.  If I hear that others are successfully testing Serena workflows with UFT then we can eliminate Serena as a possible problem.


    thank you for any information you may have....

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    I hope you have a nice day!


    Regarding your question,  as you might now, UFT supports technologies and not applications, so taking in count this in order to know if UFT will be able to integrate successfully with Serena software will need to know the underline technology used to develop the application and then check it with PAM(Product Availability Matrix) of UFT.


    Note: That UFT is able some time to see the objects, it doesn't mean that UFT supports the underline technology.


    If the technology is supported I would recommend you to open a case with support team, this is in order we can have a meeting where you can show us the behaviour and we can help you to find a solution to it.