NEW COURSE:UFTO01SP-L4-15 – Working with Synchronization, Checkpoints, Parameters... in UFT One


Micro Focus Education is pleased to announce the release of its latest offering within the ADM portfolio.




Training Type:

eLearning: New Style of Learning


Approximately 1 hour plus hands-on, self-paced, online eLearning


This course is intended for Automation Testers.


Simulations are included as demonstrations and hands-on exercises.


As a UFT Automation Tester, you need to learn about UFT One and the enhancement available in UFT. In this lesson, you will learn how to Synchronization, Checkpoints, Parameters, and Multi-action test.

Course Description:

This learning series comprises of 6 lessons. In this lesson, you will learn about the UFT One Configurations. This online course about Synchronization, Checkpoints, Parameters, and Managing Multi Actions.

This course is developed using the Micro Focus Adoption Readiness Tool (ART). ART content provides easy access to self-paced learning content enabling users to not only dive into an online course but also to gain direct access to individual components to quickly master specific tasks.


The demonstrations in this course use UFT One 15.0. This course has the following demonstrations:

·         Add a Synchronization Point

·         Synchronization Timeouts and Point Test Replay

·         Create Global Synchronization Timeouts

·         Insert Checkpoints During Recording

·         Insert a Standard Checkpoint After Recording

·         Replay a Script with a Checkpoint

·         Create Data Table Parameters

·         Playback a Parameterized Script

·         Automatically Parameterize Steps

·         Create a Standard Output Parameter

·         Create Random Number Parameters

·         Insert a New Action into a Test

·         Add Actions During a Recording

·         Modify Action Properties

·         Integrate Multi-action Tests with Data


To be successful in this course, you need to have a working knowledge of UFT One.

Education Central Link:

Micro Focus Marketplace Education

Certification and Learning Path:

This offering supports UFT Automation testers with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain the UFT One Specialist Badge and the UFT One Certified Professional Badge (future).  For certification and learning paths of ADM, see Application Delivery Management Paths


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