How Organizations Can Drive Better ROI Through DevOps Testing


How Organizations Can Drive Better ROI Through DevOps Testing
Database Trends & Applications
By Malcolm Isaacs
April 9, 2020

The hype around DevOps and its potential to drive greater ROI across a wide range of enterprise operations increased substantially in the last decade. However, as these expectations carry into 2020, organizations will start to take a more sober approach to DevOps implementations. While DevOps was initially seen as a widespread solution to all sorts of enterprise IT issues, the implementation of DevOps approaches is now shaping up to become more strategic and focused, with much of the emphasis on how to maximize the ultimate return on investment.

This can be a difficult task for organizations as return on investment (ROI) is not always clear when it comes to DevOps. This is due to the lack of usable data, making feedback difficult to assess. For organizations looking to drive greater ROI of DevOps implementations, the focus should be on efficient, high-quality, and secure delivery, which is largely enabled through the implementation of automated testing. Through automated testing, organizations can obtain actionable data to analyze and derive insights that will ultimately be used to improve their DevOps implementation.

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